Blockchain Australia Welcomes Monochrome as New Member

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Monochrome Asset Management is thrilled to announce it has joined Blockchain Australia as a member, Australia’s peak industry body that represents businesses and individuals implementing and encouraging the potential for blockchain technology to improve the nation’s economy and society.

Monochrome will assume a seat alongside local industry leaders and experts to help advance the responsible adoption of blockchain technology in Australia.

“Blockchain Australia has contributed significantly to the Australian digital asset sector through critical and regular engagements with policy makers, regulators, and industry participants.” said Jeff Yew, CEO of Monochrome Asset Management.

Mr. Yew continued, “Steve and I met in 2020 and can attest to his strategy and commitment to drive responsible adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets across Australia.”

“Monochrome is proud to support and become a member of Blockchain Australia - whom we share many similar values with. This aligns with our commitment to continue working closely with regulators and industry peers to further institutional acceptance of digital assets in Australia” said Mr. Yew.

Steve Vallas, CEO of Blockchain Australia said he was pleased to welcome Monochrome to their industry network and looks forward to facilitating progressive discussion and collaboration with the association’s current members.

“We’re proud to bring Monochrome onboard as a partner and look forward to continuing our working relationship with Jeff Yew and his team,” said Mr Vallas.

“In the past year we’ve seen the blockchain industry flourish in a number of areas including the space Monochrome is spearheading - institutional investment in digital assets like bitcoin.”

“As the blockchain industry continues to grow and evolve, Blockchain Australia is proud to be the trusted industry body for partners like Monochrome Asset Management,” said Mr Vallas.

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