SQM Research Rates Monochrome Bitcoin Fund Investment Grade

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BRISBANE, March 2, 2021 – Monochrome is pleased to announce the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund (MBF) has received an investment grade rating from respected research house, SQM Research.

During the research rating process, Monochrome’s flagship product was reviewed on a number of key criteria including governance, compliance, team, liquidity and risks.

Achieving an investment grade rating provides Australian wholesale investors, platform providers and advisers with increased confidence in the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund.

Following this research, financial advisers are now able to consider the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund for their approved product list (APL).

Craig Hobart, Head of Distribution at Monochrome, commented: “Following a period of hard, diligent work by our team, Monochrome has earnt an investment grade rating for the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund. This represents an important step in providing market participants with access to the nascent asset class via a regulated and now rated managed investment scheme.

“We believe this rating confirms the quality processes employed in the delivery of the product, and gives financial advisers a new means to engage with wholesale clients and the market.”

The rating contained in this document is issued by SQM Research Pty Ltd ABN 93 122 592 036AFSL 421913. SQM Research is an investment research firm that undertakes research on investment products exclusively for its wholesale clients, utilising a proprietary review and star rating system. The SQM Research star rating system is of a general nature and does not take into account the particular circumstances or needs of any specific person. The rating may be subject to change at any time. Only licensed financial advisers may use the SQM Research star rating system in determining whether an investment is appropriate to a person’s particular circumstances or needs. You should read the product disclosure statement and consult a licensed financial adviser before making an investment decision in relation to this investment product. SQM Research receives a fee from the Fund Manager for the research and rating of the managed investment scheme. Please refer to the SQM research website for the definition of the rating received.

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