Silo wall clock


Beyond Object

A kinetic sculpture, the Silo Wall Clock is a brilliant, moving play on mathematical concepts. The striking piece is an exploration of triangular form and the tangential relationships, with its angled hands and simple circular core. Optional clock indications allow you to add your own personal artistic touch to this irresistibly modern piece. Installation is made easy with step-by-step instructions.  


  • Clock and self-adhesive indicating markers 
  • 12 smoke perspex markers and installation template
  • One AA battery
  • One screw and screw anchor  

Beyond Object elevates the mundane with its strikingly beautiful, minimalist take on home and office accessories. Stunning works of art with high functionality transform the spaces with we live and work in, merging the inborn drive to create and achieve with the serene yet thought-provoking atmosphere of the art gallery. The brand’s inventive use of structure and texture offer a calming hiatus in the midst of handling work’s many demands.  

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