Woodpecker black scone lighting


Niklas Jessen for Schneid, 2014

Ash wood, Steel/Brass

Woodpecker merges tradition and innovation in a clear and reduced form, appearing as a simple line which extends into the room. The light can be positioned in every direction and is hand built by local craftsmen using sustainable materials wherever possible. It integrates long lasting and dimmable LED technology which provides warm direct light for your home or work space. Woodpecker’s combination of materials, using natural wood and steel, conveys timeless comfort. 

Dimensions: 244 cm x 65 cm
Light source: LED 25W, warm-white
Features This sophisticated wall fitted dimmable LED light is adjustable in all directions and emits warm direct light for your home or workplace. 
Handmade in Germany


Schneid Lighting & Furniture strives for enduring and elegant products which are mindful and meet the modern Zeitgeist in a courageous way. Using natural raw materials, striking colors and bold shapes we create mood and atmosphere.

We believe in sustainability and are dedicated to solid craftsmanship. This is why we support local manufacturers, keeping delivery routes short and work together with people who are practicing their jobs with passion, just as we do.