Alpine counter stool


Summer Studio

Oak, Walnut, Ebinized Wood

Inspired by the European milking stool, the simple, sleek design of the Alpine Counter Stool accentuates the natural texture and beauty of wood. This durable, three-legged stool features an unconventional T-shaped stretcher base. A smooth, comfortable seat displays the gorgeous granular designs of quarter-sawn lumber. 

H 24” W 12 1/4” D 12 1/4”

“One look at our collection and you'll see that our product designs provide inspiration for the quieter side of life and a simpler way to live. Interior living that inspires serenity, tranquility, and balance is at the core of Summer Studio's philosophy.”  - Summer Studio

Summer Studio’s design process—from concept to production—revolves around a commitment to creating pieces that are aesthetically simple and unique, yet durable and highly functional. The brand’s designers are exceptionally detail –oriented and personally committed to producing work that meets the high expectations of both the brand itself and the customer.  

Creative Director – Jack Sasaki 

Jack Sasaki’s accomplishments include more than two decades of artistic endeavors. As a child in Tokyo, he learned to hone his innate artistic talent and later went on to further sharpen his skills by securing a Masters of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from UCLA. Following his educational studies, Sasaki applied his imaginative and architectural talents by becoming a high-end residential developer and product designer. 

During these years, Sasaki quickly learned that he possessed an intuitive talent for highly impactful and uniquely thematic product designs. Sasaki’s philosophy is grounded in creating intelligent and progressive pieces of furniture that reside at the intersection between function and art.

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