Base white clock


Kranen/Gille, 2015

The design of the base clock was inspired by a visual language the designers developed by gathering industrial production archetypes. They took industrially determined shapes and details, and used these characteristics to create a new shape. Since the shape is unique, yet recognisable, the design is open to interpretation. Everyone sees something else, which, to Kranen/Gille, is the definition of a good design.
The base clock is handmade by Cor Unum, a ceramic art centre based in the Netherlands.

Refined. Durable. Exceptional. With a design that is audaciously unassuming and remarkably sleek, the Leff Amsterdam timepiece elevates any look. Produced using high-quality component and craftsmanship, the Amsterdam-based design studio’s collection of wearable art pieces emanates understated sophistication and industrial flair. 

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