Constructivist, circle mirror.

Nina Cho, 2014
Square: Bronze Acrylic, Black Acrylic, Ebonized Wood
Rectangle: Polished Copper, Gold Acrylic Mirror, Black Acrylic, Ebonized Wood
Circle: Polished Copper, Black Acrylic

The Nina Cho’s Constructivist Mirror series achieves refined appeal with the use of clean lines and geometric shapes. Polished copper combined with black, bronze, and gold acrylic provide the mirrored surfaces of each piece while a strong linear quality is accomplished with thinly cut, ebonized frames. Cho darkens each cut of oak with steel wool and a mixture of vinegar, causing a chemical reaction with tannins in the wood to achieve a deep natural finish. The effect is a raw, authentic texture tamed by the sheer sophistication of each geometric figure. With this collection, simplicity of shape shines with elegance and style.

Circle : 17 x 23 / Rectangle: 17.5 x 25.5 / Square: 17 x 17 in


“The aesthetic of emptiness is a Korean traditional aesthetic. In painting, the unpainted portion of the surface is as important as the portion that was painted; it’s about respecting the emptiness as much as the object. Through practicing the beauty of the void, I can respect not only the object itself but also the negative space that object created. The negative space does not signify a deficiency to me. An empty space poetically invites the air, users, surroundings, and the spirit of a space to complete the piece itself.” -Nina Cho

Internationally celebrated artist and designer, Nina Cho, challenges traditional notions of what art “should” be, inviting us to recognize the beauty of what is and isn’t there in her thought-provoking creations. A true visionary, Cho describes her artistic process as the “distillation” of form down to its most exquisite, most essentialstructure and functionality. 

Born in the United States and raised in Korea, the now, Detroit-based designer has been recognized in numerous publications for her visionary work in 3D design and is a sought-after artist with invitations to exhibitions in such locations as London, Milan, Frankfurt, Toronto, Cologne, Seoul, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, and New York City.

I believe that my own personal background has naturally led me to a minimal and simplified aesthetic. My recent works have focused on reductive forms that blur the line between an art object and a functional product. I am practicing a strict rule in design: to create form by distilling it to its most essential structure and to its most basic function. By eliminating unnecessary factors and highlighting a singular material, I aim to simplify not only a form but fabrication process as well. I pursue ideas of lightness and reduction in my work. Colors, shape, and material must be essential to the piece and complete the work.”

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