Fresh, perfume.


Redefining how luxury fragrances are born & sold.

It's simple. Invest without limits in the ingredients that go into the bottle and onto your skin, and strip away everything else.

Believing in less is more.

The minimalistic collection is stripped from name, mood, gender, designer labels and inflated price tags.


FR - Fresh

Drawing inspiration from the resurgence of classic gin cocktails, aldehydic top notes shake this clean blend of crisp juniper and Madagascan ginger alive with a freshness that fizzes and excites the senses. Metallic musk unifies a perfectly mixed blend, enhancing each note and completing the composition.


Less is more. 

As a cutting-edge pioneer in sophistication and olfactory art, A.N Other redefines the luxury fragrance with this minimalist collection. This alluring array of scents is the embodiment of A.N Other’s appreciation for and commitment to beauty that is truly pure and simple.

Artistic freedom. 

As a champion of artistic liberty, A.N Other eschews some of the basic tenets of the commercialized fragrance industry, instead opting for the use of exceptional, high-quality ingredients and foregoing such constraints as clichénames, gender designations, and cost-inflating designer labels. Boldly bucking commercialization and consumer trends, A.N Other chose to give the world’s most progressive perfumers complete creative control in order to bring you multifaceted, artistic expression in a bottle. 


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