Qu4tro 4-wheel-drive electric longboard




A Gravity Defying Superpower

The world's first aLL-wheel-drive electric skateboard. With 4 super powerful hub motors, BLINK QU4TRO is the conqueror of all hills!

Tension Suspension

Qatro is equipped with new tension suspension, which will drastically reduce vibrations when riding at high speeds or going over obstacles.

The additional travel of tension suspension absorbs energy from hard impacts reducing the amount of physical stress your body and board will endure.

The steering system also helps reduce speed wobbles at faster speeds, improving control and increasing stability. 

JOY STICK Controller

- Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity

- Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your palm and your pocket

- LED Indicator shows the power level of the remote

- Excellent sensitivity and feel from large throttle wheel