Tube D42, watch.

Piet Hein Eek, 2015

The design of the tube watch merges Piet Hein Eek’s unparalleled vision on design with LEFF amsterdam’s pursuit for functional beauty, creating an amazing collection of refined yet tough watches. The wristwatches are the latest addition to the tube series, a collection the renowned Dutch designer started creating for LEFF amsterdam in 2014. The table clock Eek initially designed for LEFF amsterdam, the tube clock, has a very iconic extruded ring that functions as the clock’s face. This beautifully unique design asked for a more prominent role, and so the idea for a wristwatch arose.


Refined. Durable. Exceptional. With a design that is audaciously unassuming and remarkably sleek, the Leff Amsterdam timepiece elevates any look. Produced using high-quality component and craftsmanship, the Amsterdam-based design studio’s collection of wearable art pieces emanates understated sophistication and industrial flair. 

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