4th Dimension wall clock


22 Design Studio

High-density concrete, stainless steel, aluminum

22 Design’s 4D collection captures the essence of the modern metropolis. Industrial yet refined, each timepiece entails an exquisitely crafted set of spiraling concrete stairs, enclosed beautifully in a case of metal or high-density concrete.  Above each unique, three-dimensional dial tick the hands of the fourth dimension – time.  

The 4D Wall Clock

The initial piece in the 4th Dimension Timepiece series, 22’s 4D Wall Clock is the result of nearly two years of development and expert craftsmanship. Without letters or numbers, this minimalist timepiece highlights the texture and character of the high-density concrete from which it is carved. At the center of this functional sculpture are three concentric discs, controlling the movement of each corresponding aluminum hand. A red or blue second hand adds a burst of color in an otherwise monochromatic work.  


Clock diameter: 150mm (6 inch) or 200mm (7.5 inch)

Clock depth: 85mm or 94mm 

“Concrete begins as a liquid mixture of different elements, but once it sets, it becomes as solid as stone… We employ concrete for its strength and versatility but also for its unique beauty and personality. Additionally, we design our products with concrete’s nature in mind, anticipating light chipping and evolving color as design elements that beautifully show the effects of time.” - 22 Studio

The designers of 22 have captured the essence of city life in their revolutionary reimagining and repurposing of concrete and steel. Composed of materials typically utilized in construction, the studio’s handmade timepieces, jewelry, and writing tools are unconventional and bold, yet possess, perhaps unexpectedly, the delicate beauty and exquisite attention to detail characteristic of fine craftsmanship.  Geometric shapes and striking lines convey a sleek, minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of the modern metropolis.  Ever the innovators, designers at 22 are continuously perfecting their production process to meet the evolving manufacturing needs of each highly imaginative design. The result is a robust collection of durable and unique works of art.

Ships worldwide. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Please inspect the goods within 2 days of receiving for defects, return is accepted within 14 days of receiving. Due to the natural properties of concrete, small pores are a natural feature not a defect.