5 O'Clock watch


Tibor Kalman, 1984

Inscribed on the back of each M&Co piece are the words “Waste not a moment.” The collection, created by master designer Tibor Kalman in the early 1980s, adheres to the very spirit of that phrase. The 5 Watch, a particularly witty addition to the M&Co. collection, puts a minimalist twist on the traditional watch face. The piece places special emphasis on 5 o’clock – the hour, pop culturally speaking, of pure happiness.   

The 5 features a black leather stitched wristband, the perfect muted compliment to this beautifully simple piece. Suitable for any size wrist, the 5 case is made of IP black stainless steel and measures 33mm (1.30”) in diameter. 

Case diameter: 33mm

Case height: 6.35mm

Wristband width: 18mm

Projects specializes in wearable designs worthy of the gallery. The brand works with the traditional watch, producing timepieces that embody modern and contemporary design concepts like no other. Described by the brand as “wearable architecture,” each Projects piece is composed of high-quality genuine leather and steel and is uniquely designed to fit the wrist of the discerning minimalist connoisseur.   

What began in collaboration with architect Michael Graves now employs the talents of numerous exceptional graphic designers and has, over the past 30 years, expanded into three distinct collections. The M&Co collection is rooted in the work of designer Tibor Kalman and combines classic design elements with simple, playful graphics to achieve a whimsical semi-postmodern feel. The Architect collection owes its imaginative appeal to its characteristic 3D designs and textures that emphasize color and structure. Kinetic is Projects’ third collection. Time-telling is incidental in this interactive, refined and quirky design set.  

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