Cloak, oak pendant light.


The Cloak Pendent Lamp uses a premium glass dome to encase a beautifully crafted wooden sphere. The natural beauty of the oak and walnut globes are enhanced by the thick layer of glass draped over them, whilst the glass itself seems to hover weightlessly over the wooden form. The LED spotlight sat within the sphere omits an elegantly powerful yet dispersed glow, making these lights both beautiful and incredibly effective. The pendant is applicable for both the home and commercial environments.


Sophisticated yet playful, the designs of British brand Vitamin are works of functional modern art. Founded by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall, the brand embodies a contemporary aesthetic, making brilliant use of refined shapes and textures. Wood, glass, and metals come together in sleek, urbane pieces that are expertly made and irresistibly appealing to any minimalist aficionado.        

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