Gropius 2H wristwatch



Using the subtle hues of light as moved by depth and dimension, the Gropius 2H is a remarkable study of dedicated fabrication in creating design through application of technique. Uncluttered by markings the dials hints only at the most important elements through a clean embossing that leaves the wearer with only the purity of form in homage to the Bauhaus.

DuFa is a timekeeping experience that demonstrates the best traditions of the iconic Bauhaus design school underpinned by uncompromising modern standards in manufacturing and componentry. Steeped in an understated, neo-classical aesthetic, each piece embodies the movement’s philosophy. For almost a century, DuFa horological instruments have been synonymous with German precision engineering. From its historic origin at the famed Etzold & Popitz watch and clock factory to its current incarnation as a contemporary watch brand, DuFa timepieces have been produced in the midst of Germany’s rich architectural and cultural landscape. With this heritage of sophisticated excellence and spirit of subtle yet sublime design, DuFa’s legacy lives on.

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