Inverse, mirror / clock.

Richard Hutten, 2015

The inverse is a mirror/clock hybrid that has more to it than meets the eye.The clock face is formed by the see-through shape in the mirror, which also creates a window that reveals the hands.
By turning the dial, the 12 position of the clock can be changed. A clever feature that gives you the possiblity to hang the clock horizontally or vertically or make it lean casually against the wall. The warmth of solid oak stands in contrast to the cold appearance of the mirror, making this object suitable for any space.


Refined. Durable. Exceptional. With a design that is audaciously unassuming and remarkably sleek, the Leff Amsterdam timepiece elevates any look. Produced using high-quality component and craftsmanship, the Amsterdam-based design studio’s collection of wearable art pieces emanates understated sophistication and industrial flair. 

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