Ninety, stool.


The Ninety stool brings beauty and consideration to an often overlooked part of a stool. The stool promotes the foot rest as the main point of interest, ensuring this detail is both functional and aesthetic. The angles produced by the perpendicular structure of the legs create a variable foot rest height and allows the user to choose their perfect position (ergonomic studies indicate that the preferred foot support lies between 200mm and 300mm from the floor). The Ninety stool is available in ash and oak finished in a variety of colours.


Sophisticated yet playful, the designs of British brand Vitamin are works of functional modern art. Founded by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall, the brand embodies a contemporary aesthetic, making brilliant use of refined shapes and textures. Wood, glass, and metals come together in sleek, urbane pieces that are expertly made and irresistibly appealing to any minimalist aficionado.        

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