SX-70 black Polaroid (restored vintage)



Model 1 is the original version of the SX-70 Polaroid camera that was first manufactured in 1972.  A favorite of creator Dr. Edwin Land, this model is an ISO 100 Polaroid instant film camera that is perfect for outdoor use.  


  • Classic chrome body
  • Manual focus
  • Adjustable lighten / darken wheel
  • Automatic metering and shutter speed
  • Uses Polaroid original SX-70 film

MiNT is the Hong Kong-based company known for the “mint condition” of its refurbished Polaroid cameras. Experts in design and engineering from around the world collaborated to revive the vintage experience of the instant film camera. With a chic, refined design, the MiNT camera channels both modernity and timelessness.  

Ships worldwide.

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