Tube, black desk clock.

Piet Hein Eek, 2014

Piet Hein Eek’s starting point for the tube clock’s dial was an extrusion ring. Extrusion moulding is a design technique that involves forcing materials through a mould, the extrusion profile is what gives the material its shape. Piet Hein devised a ring like that for the design of the clock face.
A good idea can be surprisingly simple – often the simplest solutions have not yet been invented. This clock could have been designed a century ago, it’s actually a textbook example of the Dutch mentality: the idea of keeping things normal and down-to-earth.


Refined. Durable. Exceptional. With a design that is audaciously unassuming and remarkably sleek, the Left Amsterdam timepiece elevates any look. Produced using high-quality component and craftsmanship, the Amsterdam-based design studio’s collection of wearable art pieces emanates understated sophistication and industrial flair. 

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