Tube S, black watch.

Piet Hein Eek, 2015

As opposed to the original tube table clock, where the aesthetics are a result of the concept, the tube watch used the extruded ring as a starting point for the design.The quality materials and the industrial appearance of the dial give this watch its sophisticated yet solid and raw character. Both watch models, the D-series with leather strap and the S-series with a steel band, show a different interpretation of the iconic watch face. In addition to the original 42mm watches, we expanded the range with two smaller and even more refined versions: the D38 and the S38.


We started making timepieces in an era in which time is all around us, because we think time is simply an amazing concept. We believe watches are the perfect example of functional beauty, as they’re technical instruments that have the potential to be art pieces at the same time. Actually, nobody really needs a watch –– and this challenges us even more to create something beautiful that everyone still wants to have around their wrist.

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