SLR670 limited edition enhanced vintage polaroid instant camera


Mint X Polaroid

MiNT brings the Polaroid SX70’s classic design into the modern era with its SLR670 Instant Film Camera. The SLR670 also gives the user more manual control over the camera and features a folding design that  makes it compact when collapsed and easy to open by simply pulling up on the viewfinder. Additionally, this unique Noir edition of the SLR670 features a distinct exterior appearance with a jet black body, top chrome accents, and a gold side strut for a classic, refined aesthetic. 


  • 116mm f/8 lens (“normal” focal length)
  • Full manual control. The Time Machine is an external module that connects to the SLR670 and allows full control of the camera’s shutter speeds. 
  • Compatible with SX70 and 600 instant film
  • Two different auto modes. A100 (SX70 film) and A600 (600 film) are both in tune with the ISO’s speeds. Unplug the Time Machine and the camera with automatically assume A100 mode. 
  • Fully revamped electronics. The electronic eye is updated over that of the original SX70 for proper exposure. If you find your image slightly over- or under-exposed, simply adjust the brightness control wheel to control the exposure for another picture in the same location and lighting. 
  • Optical viewfinder. Focusing is made easy by the SLR viewfinder and the split image circle. Rolling the focusing wheel to the left or the right slowly focuses what you see in the image circle. 
  • Each pack of instant of film contains a built-in single-use battery to power the camera. 


MiNT is the Hong Kong-based company known for the “mint condition” of its refurbished Polaroid cameras. Experts in design and engineering from around the world collaborated to revive the vintage experience of the instant film camera. With a chic, refined design, the MiNT camera channels both modernity and timelessness. 

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